Editing and formatting titles and labels
By default, every chart displays Chart Title as its title. If a chart has axes, the chart also displays X Axis Title and Y Axis Title. To edit these titles, in Chart—Format, type new titles in the text boxes in Chart Title, Category (X) Axis Title, and Value (Y) Axis Title, respectively. If you do not want to display any titles, delete the text in the text boxes.
You also can change the font attributes of every title and label in the chart. To format a title, choose Title Font. To format a label, choose Label Font. Figure 8-66 shows the font attributes you can change.
You change the font attributes of a title or labels for aesthetic reasons or for practical reasons. For example, if the x-axis does not display all the labels, as shown in Figure 8-63, reducing the font size of the Category (X) Axis labels is one way to solve the problem. Figure 8-67 shows the effect of reducing the size of the labels on the x-axis. All the city names appear.
Figure 8-66  
The chart in Figure 8-67 also displays the y-axis and legend labels in a smaller size than the same labels in the chart in Figure 8-63. Typically, when you change the font attributes of labels in one area, you apply the same font attributes to labels in other areas, so that the labels in the chart have a consistent appearance.
Figure 8-67  

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