Displaying aggregate values
The cross tab in Figure 7-10 displays sales data by product line and state.
You can display totals for each dimension that you add to a cross tab and for each level within a multilevel dimension. The rows and columns that display the subtotals and grand totals are highlighted in the cross tab. In the example cross tab you just created, no subtotals appear. Subtotals are displayed when you set a multidimensional data field, as a row or column.
Each number displayed in a cross tab represents an aggregate total. Typically grand totals display the total sales of all products for each state, the total sales of each product, or the total of all sales across products and states. Subtotals display the sales of each product in each state, and so on. BIRT Studio does not create the subtotal and grand total rows and columns by default. You specify the aggregate totals that appear in a cross tab.

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