Developing an open data access (ODA) data driver
You develop an ODA data driver by implementing run-time interfaces that the ODA framework defines. The ODA framework is an Eclipse Data Tools Platform (DTP) project component that provides a way for an application to access data from standard and proprietary data sources. For information about ODA and developing data drivers, go to the following site:
Another resource is Addison-Wesley’s Integrating and Extending BIRT book. Actuate also provides an example about how to develop a flat file ODA driver. You can find the source code for this example in:
The extended data source example uses a predefined ODA JDBC driver to connect to the ClassicModels sample database. The source code for this driver ( is available in the Eclipse DTP CVS repository.
After you develop a custom ODA driver, you must copy the driver to the following folders, depending on the deployment environment:
In iHub:
In Information Console:

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