Developing a custom query builder
You develop a query builder using standard web application components, JavaServer Pages (JSPs) and servlets. After creating the necessary components, you perform a series of tasks to integrate the components with Information Console. This section describes the sample query builder, on which you can base your own query builder. This section also describes the procedures for compiling and deploying your own query builder components.
The sample query builder consists of the following components:
ClassicModelQueryBuilder.jsp. This JSP displays the page in Figure 14-15. It also contains JavaScript functions to build the string that contains information about the data that the user selected and to send the request to a servlet. To view the code, see ClassicModelQueryBuilder.jsp in the following location:
<context root>\bizRD\oda\sample
<context root>\iportal\examples\oda\classes\com\actuate\erni\oda\ClassicModels

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