Creating the servlet
A servlet performs the main tasks for getting and managing data for BIRT Studio users, and it is the key piece of any custom query builder. The example servlet,, extends the HTTPServlet class, and performs the following tasks:
The servlet contains declarations of the ODA data driver’s data source and data set extensions:
private final static String Datasource_Extension_Id = "";
private final static String Dataset_Extension_Id = "";
These extension IDs are used to construct the definitions of the data source connection and data set query in the report design.
The servlet supports the GET method only. Its doGet method retrieves request parameters, creates a unique ODA design session, and stores a session ID in the ODA session, so that other requests in the same session can access the same ODA session object. In any given session, the servlet can receive multiple requests with different parameter values. Table 14-2 describes the supported parameters.
Table 14-2  
The servlet executes a different action, depending on the parameter values. Table 14-3 describes the actions taken with the different inedit and state values.

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