Displaying top or bottom values
For a report that presents a large amount of numeric data, you might find it useful to view, for example, the top 50 order totals or the counties whose median home prices are in the bottom 10 percent. To display top or bottom values, choose FilterFilter Top/Bottom N, then create a condition using the Top N, Top Percent, Bottom N, or Bottom Percent operators.
For example, the following filter condition displays the top 50 orders:
OrderAmount Top N 50
The filter condition in the next example displays the median prices in the bottom 10 percent. If there are 1000 rows of data, 100 rows appear.
MedianPrice Bottom Percent 10
These operators cannot be used to create a filter at the data set level. You can display top or bottom values for the report table level, or at the group level in the report design. For example, in a report design that lists profit and revenue for each product line and sales office, you can define a filter condition that displays profit values in the bottom 10 percent for each sales office city.
In Top/Bottom N, in Filter, select an operator, then specify a value in the next field, as shown in Figure 5-6. If you are filtering a detail table containing aggregate data, or a summary table, to recalculate the aggregate data values for the retrieved data rows, accept the default selection of Recalculate Totals. To display aggregate data values for the unfiltered data in the report table, deselect Recalculate Totals.
Figure 5-6  
Choose OK. The report design displays the data rows that match the filter condition you defined, as shown in Figure 5-7.
Figure 5-7  
To modify the filter condition you just created, because the filter is created at the group level, use the Top/Bottom N dialog box to change the condition. To modify a top or bottom filter created at the report table level, you can either use the Top/Bottom N dialog box or the Advanced Filter dialog box. For information about using the Advanced Filter dialog box to perform this task, see Changing a condition.

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