Providing the user with a list of values
To create a helpful prompt, you can provide the user with a list of values from which to choose. Do not assume that the report user knows what values to supply. For example, a user probably does not know that an order status field takes one of three values, Open, Closed, and In Process. In some cases, providing a list of values, such as customer names or invoice numbers, is necessary.
You create a list of values using one of the following techniques:
Create a dynamic list for values that are frequently updated in the data source. For example, fields such as new customer names or product names are periodically updated in data sources. If you create a static list of these values, you need to update the list manually to match the values in the data source. Create a static list if you want to control the list of values displayed to the report user, for example, if you want to display only some of the values.

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