Selecting an item for formatting
You can format only items that the template sets as editable. Typically, these items are titles and tables. In a table, you can format the column headers and the data in the columns. To format an item, first, select the item, then choose the formatting action from the toolbar or from a context menu that appears when you right-click the selected item. The toolbar provides access to the most common actions. The context menu provides access to all the available actions for the selected item.
Selecting a label or a column header is straightforward. You simply click the item. To select data for formatting, select the entire column by clicking the column area or the column handle situated above the column header. A box appears around the selected item. Figure 2-3 shows an example of a selected column header.
Figure 2-3  
Figure 2-4 shows an example of a selected column.
Figure 2-4  
You cannot select a single row of data in a table, nor can you select a single data value. If you want to highlight a particular row or value, use conditional formatting. This topic appears later in this section.

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