Managing columns
You can change the order of the columns in a table at any time. You can also hide columns, and display hidden columns in a report table.
How to change the order of columns
Use one of the following methods to change the order of columns:
Select a column, and choose ColumnRe-order Columns from the context menu. On Re-order Columns, as shown in Figure 2-18, select each column to move. Use the arrows to move the column into the new position. Moving a column up the list moves the column to the left in the table.
Figure 2-18  
A solid vertical line appears indicating where you can drop the column.
Figure 2-19  
How to hide a column
Select a column. From the context menu choose ColumnHide Column. BIRT Studio displays the report without the selected column.
How to display a hidden column
Select a column. From the context menu, choose ColumnShow Column. Show Column appears listing the hidden columns, as shown in Figure 2-20. In Pick Hidden Column, select the column to display. Choose OK. The column appears in the report.
Figure 2-20  

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