About BIRT Studio
BIRT Studio is a web-based report design tool for users who want to create professional-looking reports quickly and easily without detailed understanding of database architecture or report design techniques. Predefined data sources and templates provide the data and basic layout for reports. Using BIRT Studio’s intuitive graphical interface, you can then add a wide variety of charts, rearrange and reformat content and sort, group, and filter data. As you edit and format a report, a preview feature provides an instant view of your changes using sample data.
BIRT Studio is a highly customizable application. A system or application administrator creates and integrates custom data sources and templates that you use to create reports. An administrator can also customize the user interface and functionality in BIRT Studio to tailor the tool to your organization’s report design requirements.
This guide provides instructions for using the features included in the default installation of BIRT Studio. The functionality available to you can differ depending on how your system administrator configures and customizes BIRT Studio.

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