Selecting a template
Every report you create in BIRT Studio is based on a template. A template determines basic report structure and typically contains the following elements:
Figure 1-3 shows two templates provided in the default BIRT Studio installation.
Figure 1-3  
Figure 1-4 identifies the items a template typically includes. All templates contain at least one empty table as a placeholder for data. Notice that the table contains instructions for inserting data. Typically, a BIRT Studio template provides tips or information about using items.
Figure 1-4  
Your BIRT Studio installation may provide custom templates designed for the types of reports you need to create. BIRT Studio provides categories, to organize similar templates. Templates can be organized by report type or by department, for example. Templates may be stored in a single category, depending on the requirements at your site and the configuration your system administrator implements. Your access privileges determine which categories and templates you can view and use.

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