Linking two sections in a report
To link one report element to another element in the same report, use a bookmark and a hyperlink. First, define a bookmark for the target report element. Then, define a hyperlink in the source report element. Perform these tasks in the recommended sequence because to successfully create a hyperlink you need the bookmark information.
For information about how to create a bookmark, see “Creating a bookmark,” earlier in this document. After creating the bookmark, you create a hyperlink that links to the bookmark. Figure 9-7 shows an example that uses a bookmark and hyperlink to link two charts in the report.
Because the report is a multipage report, the section-level pie chart uses a hyperlink for users to easily navigate between the current page, and the bar chart at the beginning of the report. The bar chart contains a bookmark, ReportTableChart, that the hyperlink uses.
Figure 9-7  
How to create a hyperlink that links two sections in a report
Figure 9-8  
The report design displays the hyperlink based on the options you specified.
The example in Figure 9-7 displays the result of the hyperlink options shown in Figure 9-8.

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