Linking to a section in a different report
When you create a link from one report to a different report, or a section in a different report, the procedure you follow is similar to creating a link between sections or elements in the same report. You begin by creating a bookmark in the target report. Then create a hyperlink in the source report. This type of hyperlink is called a drill-through hyperlink. For drill-through hyperlink expressions, the EasyScript builder validates expressions using data bindings that the target report design and the source report design share. The EasyScript builder does not validate expressions containing target report data bindings that the source report design does not share.
For information about how to create a bookmark, see “Creating a bookmark,” earlier in this document. After creating the bookmark, you create a hyperlink that links to the bookmark. In this example, you create a drill-through hyperlink to a report stored in the Encyclopedia volume that displays sales details by state in the USA.

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