Hiding details
When you create a report that organizes data in groups or sections, you can change the appearance of the report to a summary report by hiding the details of a group or section. Hiding details, particularly for a report that runs into hundreds of pages, shows key information at a glance.
For reports containing large amounts of aggregate data, you can also choose to create a summary report. A summary report or summary table aggregates data at the data source level, providing a concise view of report data, improving response time, and reducing the load on the server.
Figure 4-27 shows two report designs that contain the same data. The first design shows all details. The next design hides the details in each product line section.
Figure 4-27  
How to hide the details of a group
Right-click. Then, choose GroupHide Detail, as shown in Figure 4-28.
In the example, as shown in Figure 4-28, all the detail rows for every product line group are hidden.
Figure 4-28  
How to hide the details of a section
Figure 4-29  
How to re-display the details of a group or section
Select the grouped column or section heading, right-click the object, then choose GroupShow Detail or SectionShow Detail.

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