Avoiding repeated values in a group
The example report in Figure 4-32 displays the values for Product Line multiple times for the same customer. By moving the data row values to the group header, you limit the appearance of these fields of data so that they only appear once.
Figure 4-32  
How to suppress duplicate values in a grouped column
On Move to Group Header, as shown in Figure 4-33, select the group to which you want to move the data values, if the report contains more than one group.
Figure 4-33  
Choose OK.
Repeat steps 1 and 2 for each report column for which you want to move data rows to the group header. The value from the first data row in each group appears in each group header. The Product Line column displays a single data row for each Customer Number group header, as shown in Figure 4-34.
Figure 4-34  

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