Understanding the context root
BIRT Studio customization requires that you modify configuration files that install with the Information Console. The paths to these files differ depending on how you install the Information Console and BIRT iHub.
The directory in which the Information Console web service resides is called the context root. The context root contains the JavaServer Pages (JSPs) to which the application server routes requests from the user’s browser for Information Console web content. To locate a file, this manual refers to the following paths:
C:\Program Files\Actuate\iPortal2\iportal
C:\Program Files\Actuate\iHub2\servletcontainer\iportal
For example, to change the category of report templates that appears by default in the Report Template dialog box, you edit web.xml, which is located in:
<context root>\WEB-INF
Some files that you modify to customize BIRT Studio are files whose content is cached while the application server runs. To view the changes that you make to these files, you must restart the application server to refresh the user interface. Depending on the Actuate products in your installation, you complete one of the following tasks in Control PanelAdministrative ToolsServices to refresh the user interface:

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