Providing data with a report template
If you are creating a template that you want the BIRT Studio user to use with an information object or a data object, add an editable table element to the template. When a template contains an editable table element, BIRT Studio prompts the user to select what type of data source they choose, data objects or information objects. Then the report wizard displays a list of the objects from the selected type, published on the server and available to you. You can choose a data object or an information object to use in your report.
If you are creating a template that includes data, create a data source and data set that specifies the data that the BIRT Studio user can display in the report. You can define multiple data sources and multiple data sets in a template. When the user selects a template with multiple data sets, BIRT Studio prompts the user to select one of the data sets to use for the report. For information about defining data sources and data sets, see BIRT: A Field Guide. In addition to the standard data source types described in BIRT: A Field Guide, you can use information objects and data objects as data sources as well.

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