Deploying encryption plug-ins to iHub
If you deploy your report designs to BIRT iHub, you need to deploy the report and the new encryption plug‑in to BIRT iHub. BIRT iHub loads all encryption plug‑ins at start up. During report execution, BIRT iHub reads the encryptionID property from the report design file and uses the corresponding encryption plug‑in to decrypt the encrypted property. Every time you create reports using a new encryption plug‑in, make sure you deploy the plug‑in to BIRT iHub, otherwise the report execution on the server will fail.
When using BIRT iHub, you do not need to deploy the encryption plug‑ins to Information Console.
How to deploy a new encryption plug‑in instance to BIRT iHub
1 Copy:
2 Publish your report design to BIRT iHub.
3 Restart BIRT iHub to load the new encryption plug‑in.
4 Log in to BIRT iHub using Information Console and run the report. BIRT iHub now uses the new encryption plug‑in to decrypt the password.