Using encryption API methods
You can call the API methods in the default encryption plug‑in when you have to set the encryptionID property, or encrypt data programmatically. The following list describes these methods and shows their signatures:
*IEncryptionHelper::encrypt encrypts the given string, and returns the encrypted string:
String IEncryptionHelper::encrypt( String value )
*IEncryptionHelper::decrypt decrypts the given encrypted string, and returns the original string:
public String IEncryptionHelper::decrypt( String string )
*MetaDataDictionary::getEncryptionHelper returns the encryption helper with the extension ID:
public IEncryptionHelper MetaDataDictionary::getEncryptionHelper( String id )
*MetaDataDictionary::getEncryptionHelpers gets all the encryption helpers:
public List MetaDataDictionary::getEncryptionHelpers( )