Charts overview
A chart is a graphical representation of data or the relationships among sets of data. A chart displays complex data in an easy-to-assimilate format. Use the BIRT Report Designer chart builder to create a chart for a report. The chart builder facilitates selecting a chart type and subtype, organizing the data into visual elements, and formatting the elements. Visual elements can include bars in a bar chart, points and trend lines in a line chart, and dials in a meter chart to name a few.
To create an effective chart, begin by deciding what data to display and then select the chart type that best presents that data. For example, to show the growth of a company’s business units over time, use a chart that tracks data along an axis, such as a line chart or a bar chart. To show scientific X‑Y data, use a scatter chart.
This section discusses the types and subtypes of charts available in the BIRT Report Designer, provides a tutorial in which you use the BIRT sample database, Classic Models, Inc., and includes a tour of the design interface. As you complete the tutorial, you learn the essential chart-building tasks.