Deploying to iHub
You can publish BIRT resources from the BIRT Designer Professional local resource folder to a BIRT iHub server. By default, the local resource folder is the current report project folder. If you use shared resources with other developers and the resource files for your reports are stored in a different folder, you can change the default resource folder used in your project. Use the Window—Preferences—Actuate BIRT—Resource menu to set the resource folder.
In the volume, the resource folder is set to /Resources, by default.
Custom visualizations require third‑party libraries to function. The libraries for the supported visualizations, listed in the provided templates, are already deployed to BIRT Designer Professional and iHub. To run such reports on iHub, you must only deploy the reports.
For visualizations that are not out-of-the-box, you must publish all external resources to the iHub resource folder.
For more details on the deployment process, see Deploying and sharing applications