Designing a landing page
BIRT Designer Professional creates an index.html page with every BIRT project. This file displays in a web browser when the project is deployed as an application on iHub. The default URL for a BIRT application includes the project name, as shown below:
*host is the name of the application or web host running BIRT Services.
*port is the Actuate application services port set in the application or web server.
*iportal is the default context root for Actuate application services. if you have a custom context root, use that in place of iportal.
*apps is the application directory in the BIRT iHub repository.
*appname is the name of you project as it is packaged for BIRT iHub. Set the appname by changing the Application Name attribute in BIRTApplication.xml before deploying the application to iHub.
The landing page is an HTML page.