About displaying data on a dashboard
You can display and summarize data on a dashboard using many gadget types such as charts, cross tabs, lists, and tables. These gadgets support rich interaction to help users analyze information and identify root causes. Link these gadgets together to present synchronized visualizations, helping users explore data scenarios and find and compare the data they need.
Users can perform the following actions using data visualization gadgets:
*Explore data, for example, by drilling up to see summaries, or drilling down or zooming in to see data details.
*Export data and visual content into multiple file formats.
*Interact with data using filters to select data, and hyperlinks to see related information.
Some gadgets offer special user interaction. For example, chart gadgets support zooming in to one or more axes, and users can launch Interactive Crosstabs to explore and edit cross tab gadgets. You can link these gadgets to data selection gadgets, such as a list, to enable users to select and filter data.
Visualization gadgets display data from BIRT data object files. These data object files connect to, organize, and store data from external data sources such as a database. BIRT Designer Professional is required to create data object files.