Deleting a style
You can delete any style at any time. You should, however, delete only the styles that your report elements no longer need. If you delete a style that is applied to a report element or elements, the affected elements lose the formats that the style applied. Before deleting a style that is in use, BIRT Report Designer displays the names of the elements that are affected and prompts you to cancel or confirm the deletion. To delete a style, choose Outline. Under Styles, right-click the style to delete, then choose Delete.
You cannot delete individual styles in a linked CSS file. You can, however, unlink the CSS file from the report by right-clicking the file, then choosing Delete. BIRT unlinks the file without displaying a warning, even if there are report elements using styles in the CSS file. These report elements revert to their unformatted state, and when you preview the report, BIRT Report Designer displays an “Errors in Report” message. You can still preview a report with this type of error, but the message appears every time you choose Preview. To fix the problem, select the elements that used the deleted style, and set the Style property to None.
How to delete a style
1 Choose Outline to view all the styles that you created and imported.
2 Under Styles, right-click the style you want to delete, then choose Delete. If the style is not in use, it is deleted. If the style is in use, BIRT Report Designer prompts you to confirm the deletion.