Formatting data
Format the data in a report element by selecting the element, then setting property values using Property Editor or the Properties view. If you apply a format using Property Editor, the format choices appear in the Properties view. Similarly, if you update a format using the Properties view, the change is reflected in Property Editor.
You can customize how data appears by modifying the following settings:
*Formats of numbers, text, dates, and times
BIRT Report Designer provides common format styles in which to display numbers, currency, or date values. If you do not choose a format, BIRT Report Designer displays the data as it appears in the data source. Specify format styles by setting the Format Number, Format DateTime, and Format String properties.
*Font typeface, point size, and color
When choosing fonts, remember that for the report user to view the report with the chosen fonts, the fonts must be installed on the user’s system. If the report will be distributed widely, select default fonts that are installed on all systems. Specify font attributes by setting the font properties in the General category of Property Editor.
*Text style
BIRT Report Designer provides the standard styles: bold, italic, underline, and strike through. These styles are available under the General category in Property Editor.
*Text alignment
BIRT Report Designer provides the standard ways to align text: left‑aligned, centered, right-aligned, and justified. These settings are available under the General category in Property Editor.