About BIRT reports
A BIRT report is a structured document that displays data from an external information system, such as a database or application. Data in the report is organized and formatted so that it is meaningful and useful to the person who reads the report. A BIRT report is not a document that you type, like an essay or research paper, although you could use BIRT Report Designer to create such documents.
Using BIRT Report Designer, you can create operational reports, such as a bill of materials, a purchase order, or an invoice. You can also create reports that provide real-time information about business performance, such as the number of calls handled by your customer service organization, the number of problems handled, categorized by levels of complexity, and the number of repeat calls made by the same customer. You can use BIRT to create client‑facing reports, such as account statements and transaction details. Any time that you need to gather, analyze, summarize, and present data from an information system, a report is the solution.