Types of BIRT files
BIRT Report Designer uses four types of files:
*Report design files
*Report document files
*Report library files
*Report template files
The following sections provide a brief overview of each of these file types.
Report design files
A report design file is an XML file that contains the report design, the complete description of a BIRT report. The report design describes every aspect of a report, including its structure, format, data sources, data sets, JavaScript event handler code, and the names of Java event handlers. BIRT Report Designer creates the report design file and BIRT Report Engine processes it.
The file extension of a report design file is rptdesign.
Report document files
A report document file is a binary file that encapsulates the report design, incorporates the data, and contains additional information, such as data rows, pagination information, and table of contents information.
The file extension of a report document file is rptdocument.
Report library files
A report library file is an XML file that contains reusable and shareable BIRT report components. A report developer uses Resource Explorer in BIRT Report Designer to provide shared access to a library, update a library, and use report elements from a library.
A BIRT report library can contain any report element, such as:
*Data sets and data sources
*Embedded images
*Event handler code
*Visual report items
The file extension of a report library file is rptlibrary.
Report template files
A report template is an XML file that contains a reusable design. A report developer can use a template as a basis for developing a new report. A report developer uses a report template to maintain a consistent style across a set of report designs and for streamlining the report design process. A report template can specify many different elements of a report, including:
*One or more data sources
*One or more data sets
*Part or all of the layout of a report design, including grids, tables, lists, and other report items
*Grouping, filtering, and data binding definitions
*Library components
*Master pages
*Cheat sheets
Building BIRT templates is similar to building BIRT reports. The difference lies in converting report items into template report items which act as placeholders.
The file extension of a report template file is rpttemplate.