Building the Hibernate ODA driver plug-in
To build and deploy the plug-in using the Eclipse PDE Manifest Editor, perform the following tasks:
*In Build, specify the build configuration to include the following items:
*In Runtime Information, add the odahibernate.jar file.
*In Build—Binary Build, select the following files and folders:
*In Overview, in Exporting, choose Export Wizard and perform the following tasks:
*In Available Plug-ins and Fragments, select
*In Options, verify that Package plug-ins as individual JAR archives is not selected.
In Destination, choose the directory, \birt-runtime-4_3_1\Report Engine. The Hibernate ODA example uses MySQL as the database. The BIRT sample
database and the MySQL installation scripts can be downloaded from For information about the required Hibernate libraries, please refer to the Hibernate website at