Drilling down within a cross tab
Drilling supports the ability to expand or collapse a member value within a specific level. Construct a XTabAnalyzer.Driller object as shown in the following code:
var driller = new actuate.xtabanalyzer.Driller( );
To drill up or down, use actuate.xtabanalyzer.Crosstab.drill( ) with the actuate.xtabanalyzer.Driller and actuate.xtabanalyzer.MemberValue classes. In this example, a cross tab has a dimension named Region with three levels: Country, State, and City. The actuate.xtabanalyzer.Driller object updates the cross tab to display the requested information, as shown in the following code:
driller.setAxisType( actuate.xtabanalyzer.Dimension.ROW_AXIS_TYPE);
var levelName1 = "Region/Country";
var levelValue1 = "Australia";
var levelName2 = "Region/State";
var levelValue2 = "NSW";
// Create member value objects, and place them in the driller.
var memberValue1 = new actuate.xtabanalyzer.MemberValue(levelName1);
var memberValue2 = new actuate.xtabanalyzer.MemberValue(levelName2);
crosstab.submit( );
To reset the drill, use a Driller object with no level names or member values.
var driller = new actuate.xtabanalyzer.Driller( );
crosstab.submit( );