About BIRT model API capabilities
A Java developer can use the BIRT model API to write an application that creates and modifies a report design programmatically. This API has the same capabilities as BIRT Report Designer. For example, the following list shows some of the ways in which the BIRT model API supports manipulating a report design programmatically:
*Adding a report item to a report design:
*Add a simple report item such as a data item, label, or image. Set a value to display in the new report item, such as the expression of a data item or the text in a label item.
*Create a complex item such as a grid, table, or list. Add other items into the grid, table, or list.
*Changing the properties of a report item in a report design:
*Change the data set bound to a table or list.
*Change the expression or other property of a report item.
*Format a report item, changing the font, font color, fill color, format, alignment, or size.
*Changing the structure of a report design:
*Add a report parameter.
*Add or delete a group or column in a table or list.
*Modifying non-visual elements in a report design:
*Set a design property such as a report title, author, wallpaper, or comment.
*Set a page property, such as height, width, or margins.
*Specify a data source for a data set.