Actuate JavaScript API overview
The Actuate JavaScript API is a set of JavaScript classes used to create custom web content that contains Actuate BIRT reports and report elements.
An HTML-based JSDoc JavaScript API class reference is provided for iHub Visualization Platform client and Actuate Java Components in the following file:
<Context Root>\help\jsapi\index.html
About the actuate namespace
All of the Actuate JavaScript API classes are in the actuate namespace. To use the viewer element, call the actuate.Viewer class.
In addition, the Actuate JavaScript API has a static class:
This class handles connections to Actuate web applications and is the only static class in the Actuate JavaScript API.
Using the Actuate library
The Actuate JavaScript library is available from any iHub Visualization Platform client installation or Actuate Deployment Kit for BIRT reports. The URL for the library is:
* is the host name and TCP port for an available Actuate web application host.
*/iportal is the context root for the web application.
*/jsapi is the default location of the Actuate JavaScript API libraries.
A script tag loads the Actuate JavaScript API library, as shown in the following code:
<script type="text/javascript" src="
To call JavaScript functions, use additional script tags after the script tag that adds these libraries for the page.