Switching views between a table and a chart
If data in a report table or a cross tab is also represented graphically in a chart, in some cases you can switch between the chart view of the data, and the tabular view of the data, using Interactive Viewer.
How to switch between a table and chart view of data
In Interactive Viewer, select and right‑click the report table, then choose Switch View. The chart view of the data appears. A report developer must enable this option when creating a report in BIRT Designer Professional, for it to appear as an available action in Interactive Viewer.
If you are working with a cross tab, choose Switch View from the context menu. You can also further analyze the data in a cross tab by choosing the Analyze option from the context menu. The cross tab appears in Interactive Crosstabs.
Similarly, to switch back to the table view, select and right‑click the chart, then choose Switch View. The table or cross tab view of the data appears.