Using Interactive Crosstabs
Cross tabs appear in reports you view in Interactive Viewer or in cross tab gadgets in dashboards. You can modify cross tabs using a tool called Interactive Crosstabs. You can add, remove, reorganize, and customize the data in a cross tab to examine relationships and trends. Interactive Crosstabs provides you with the ability to drill down into dimension levels to display detail data, drill up to display summary data, filter, group, and sort data in a cross tab, perform calculations, create aggregate data, and display cross tab data in a grid or in a chart. These actions enable you to gather business intelligence information such as a product’s sales over a period of time, which products sell more or less by geography, how many units of a product shipped in a specific month, and so on.
You can launch Interactive Crosstabs in the following ways:
*Launch Interactive Crosstabs when viewing a cross tab in Interactive Viewer or Dashboards.
*Create a cross tab directly from a BIRT data object store (.data) file.
If you have integrated BIRT iHub with another application, you can launch Interactive Crosstabs in the following ways:
*Click on the URL that has been integrated into your application.
*Use Actuate JavaScript API to access Interactive Crosstabs embedded in a web page by a developer.For more information, see Using Actuate JavaScript API.