Accessing optional browser-based tools
Browser-based tools that you can access using Information Console require specific licenses. The administrator chooses which users can access specific tools. Contact your administrator for information about the tools available to you.
The following browser-based Actuate tools are available using Information Console:
*Interactive Crosstabs
Supports the multidimensional analysis of data cubes and viewing data as tables and charts. Interactive Crosstabs launches in the following instances; when a user edits a cross tab component inside a BIRT design, when a user runs a BIRT data object store file, when a user views a BIRT cube view file, and when a user maximizes a cross tab gadget on a dashboard. Users can save their data analysis as cube view files.
*Actuate Viewers
Actuate Viewer supports basic viewing tasks, such as navigating BIRT documents, using a table of contents, modifying viewing parameters, and exporting data. This browser-based tool is the default viewer for BIRT design and document files. Additionally, Interactive Viewer supports viewing, filtering, formatting, and creating calculated data in BIRT document files. For example, the user can change the order in which values appear and show or hide detail rows.
To launch this browser-based tool, select Enable Interactivity from the Actuate Viewer menu or maximize a report gadget on a BIRT dashboard.
*Report Studio
Enables business users to create new BIRT designs or edit existing designs. In Information Console, when a user selects a report design, and chooses Edit from the File menu, Report Studio launches displaying the selected design. Alternately, a user can select CreateNew Report to create a new BIRT design using Report Studio. This option is available only if your organization or department has purchased the Report Studio licensed option. For more information about using Report Studio, see Using Report Studio.
A dashboard is a web application that uses interactive charts, cross tab
tables, formatted text, and visualizations that users can modify in real time
to view updated views of data. Dashboards display a variety of gadgets that enable users to find and analyze data. Users interact with dashboard data using the gadgets on the dashboard. To launch Dashboards, select CreateNew Dashboard.