Using browser bookmarks
Information Console is a browser-based application and uses URL addresses to interact with a volume. To enable quicker access to selected web pages in Information Console, users can bookmark URL addresses when performing the following tasks:
*Logging in to Information Console
*Running or scheduling a job
*Viewing a document file
*Launching an application in Information Console
To access pages with bookmarks for running a job or viewing a document, users must log in to Information Console. Many documents exist for temporary viewing. When the time-out period for such a document is reached, the web URL for the document becomes unavailable. Additionally, document privileges determine which users can view or run a bookmarked BIRT file.
Some browser-based tools, such as Actuate Viewer and Interactive Viewer, include a linking option that creates a URI to run a document on demand by any user with the appropriate privileges. For more information about accessing Information Console using custom URIs, see Using Actuate JSAPI and URIs. Users can also use e‑mail notifications to share direct links to new documents.