Introduction to volume management
BIRT iHub is a document server that generates, manages and securely delivers BIRT documents stored in a volume. A volume is a disk-based repository containing designs, documents, information objects, shared libraries, and user information. You access a volume by logging in to Information Console.
BIRT iHub extracts data from common data sources, such as relational databases and other data sources. BIRT iHub includes the following components, which are accessible using a standard browser:
*Information Console
Use this console to perform volume management tasks such as:
*Running designs
*Scheduling designs based on time and events
*Viewing and sharing documents
*Managing user and user group access to designs and documents using privileges
*Distributing documents
*Accessing scheduled and completed jobs
*Information Console—iHub Administration
Use this console to perform user management tasks such as:
*Create users.
*Create user groups.
*Manage user membership to user groups.
An out-of-the-box BIRT iHub installation comes with a default volume, named Default Volume. Default Volume contains samples of volume content. If you do not specify a volume name when logging in to Visualization Suite, you access Default Volume by default. To access a different volume, you specify the volume name when logging in.