About editing and formatting options
Interactive Viewer provides you with the flexibility to modify the presentation properties of reports. This section discusses the editing and formatting options available to you.
You can use the context menu in a column in Interactive Viewer to define new font properties and change text alignment for a selected report column, or for the report table. You can also specify these style properties for one column, and copy the style to other columns. You can highlight report data based on certain defined conditions and format data, depending on the type of data in a column. For example, you can format data into currency, telephone number, postal code, date‑and‑time, or decimal formats.
How to select and format a report element
In a report table, you can format column headers as well as data in the columns. Select and right‑click the element, then choose the formatting option from the menu that appears.
Select and right‑click a column header and choose a formatting option from the context menu. To select data for formatting, select and right‑click the column. A box appears, highlighting the selected element and displaying the menu of available options.