About exporting options
The viewers enable you to export report data, report content, and elements such as charts, gadgets, cross tabs, or summary tables, to various formats. You can export data to several flat file formats that can be read by Excel. In addition, the viewers and Interactive Crosstabs provide various emitters to enable you to export content in a report table and other report elements to formats such as Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PostScript, and PDF.
When you export content or report elements to other formats, each emitter such as the PDF emitter or the Excel emitter provides several options that you can select to maintain the existing properties of the exported content, enabling users to easily perform additional analysis on the exported output. For example, when you export an element such as a cross tab to Excel, the Excel emitter supports exporting the content as a pivot table. This feature is useful for sharing content with users who do not have access to the viewers, who can analyze the output in Excel. This section discusses the exporting options available when exporting report data or report content.