Working with information objects and BIRT data objects
An information object is a named SQL query that can retrieve data from one or more data sources. A BIRT data object is a collection of data sets, linked data sets called data models, and cubes that can be used to create BIRT reports. A data object must contain at least one data set but does not need to contain a cube. Report developers use Actuate BIRT Designer Professional to create data objects and information objects. In BIRT iHub, access to information objects is not provided by default, and must be enabled in the Report Studio configuration file. Information objects are not supported in BIRT iHub Trial Edition.
A report accesses data from a data object using either a data design (.datadesign) file or a data object store (.data) file. The data design file retrieves data, on demand, each time the report is run. A data object store contains cached, or materialized, data. If getting real‑time data is more important than report generation speed, use the data object design file. If data in the underlying data source does not change constantly, or if a data object store is generated regularly, use the data object store.
Report Studio provides a convenient Table Builder wizard that enables you to select data fields from information objects or data objects and insert them into a BIRT design.