About linking options
When creating a BIRT design, a BIRT developer can provide linking features to enable end users to navigate data more easily, and provide quick access to data in lengthy BIRT designs. In Report Studio, you can use the following linking options:
*Add bookmarks for users to access specific elements or sections in a BIRT design.
*Add hyperlinks for users to access data within the same BIRT design, other BIRT designs in the volume, and external web sites.
A bookmark defines a position in a BIRT design. A hyperlink provides the connection that helps the user navigate to the bookmarked content. You create bookmarks and hyperlinks using Report Studio and BIRT Designer Professional. Users can use these bookmarks and hyperlinks in Report Studio, the Viewers, Dashboards, and in exported output formats, such as PDF or HTML.
When a BIRT design uses a BIRT data object data source, the data object can contain data fields with links to additional information, such as subreports, charts, and so on. In Report Studio you can either enable or disable user access to these hyperlinks. The following sections describe how to create bookmarks and hyperlinks, and enable or disable default hyperlinks present in BIRT data objects.