Using multiple y-axes
Charts support displaying data on more than one y-axis. Additional y-axes can use a different scale from the first y-axis. To create a second y-axis, use the Select Chart Type page. In Multiple Y Axis, select Secondary Axis or More Axes, as shown in Figure 21‑19. The chart preview shows a second y-axis on the opposite side of the chart to the first y-axis after a selection of Secondary Axis. For a selection of More Axes, additional axes appear in the preview only after creation of each axis.
Figure 21‑19 Using the Select Chart Type page to add a y-axis
After enabling multiple axes, specify data for all additional axes. Define the y-, but not the x-axis, of each additional axis. The category x‑axis and optional grouping definitions apply to all y-axes. In Select Data, provide the expression for the second and any subsequent y-axes, as shown in Figure 21‑20.
Figure 21‑20 Using Chart Data to add data for secondary y-axes