About formatting charts
Charts include many different visual elements, most of which are customizable. To clarify the presentation of data or to create a more pleasing composition, rearrange the chart layout. For example, change where the chart title appears or add padding between a series of bars and the axis on which they are arranged.
Before making changes to the layout of a chart, you must understand the parts making up a typical chart. Figure 22‑1 identifies the elements of a basic bar chart, using different background colors to highlight the following areas:
*The plot containing all the parts of the chart
*The chart area containing the axes, their labels and titles, and the chart
*The legend containing information about the series displayed on the chart
Figure 15-1 Elements of a chartFigure 15-1 Elements of a chart
Figure 22‑1 Elements of a chart
The color and style of these chart elements can be changed. For example, modify a chart to:
*Use a company’s standard color scheme.
*Outline or add a background color to the labels, legend, or plot.
*Change the color and shape of the series elements, such as the sectors in a pie chart or the candlesticks in a stock chart.
*Add grid lines that extend across the plot.
*Add data point labels to show the exact value of bars in a bar chart.