Configuring the default export options for a BIRT report
You can export a BIRT report to various formats from the Web Viewer. These formats include docx, pptx, xls, xlsx, pdf, ps, doc, and ppt. You can configure the default export options by creating a RenderDefaults.cfg file that contains name‑value pairs for the appropriate options. You must create a separate RenderDefaults.cfg file for each format. For example, when you export a BIRT report to XLSX, RenderDefaults.cfg can set Enable pivot table to false by default. Place RenderDefaults.cfg in the following locations:
*For iHub, place RenderDefaults.cfg in:
When you create or modify RenderDefaults.cfg, you must restart iHub.
*For BIRT Designer, place RenderDefaults.cfg in:
The configuration file format should follow these rules:
*All settings should be entered in key = value format.
*Key names are case‑sensitive.
*String and Boolean values are not case‑sensitive.
*The values true and false are acceptable for Boolean properties.
*Any other value, different than true and false is interpreted as false.
Listing 46‑2 shows an example of RenderDefaults.cfg for a print stream emitter.
Listing 46‑2 RenderDefaults.cfg for print stream emitter
# This file contains the default values to use when emitting print
# stream content.
# All settings are entered in 'key = value' format.
# Key names are case sensitive, but string and boolean values are
# not.
# The values 'true' and 'false' are acceptable for booleans.
# Any other value specified will be interpreted as false.
# Omitting any setting from this file causes the emitter to fall
# back to internal defaults.
# The plex mode for the print job.
# Valid values are Simplex, Duplex, and Tumble.
# Default: Simplex
xifRenderOption.plexMode = Simplex
# The DPI to use for rendered pages. Valid values are 240,300,600,
# and 1440.
# Default: 240
afpRenderOption.pageDPI = 240
# Option to allow black and white images.
# Default: True
afpRenderOption.allowBlackAndWhiteImg = true
# Option to allow single color images.
# Default: True
afpRenderOption.allowSingleColorImg = true
# Option to allow grayscale images.
# Default: True
afpRenderOption.allowGrayscaleImg = true
# Option to allow full color RBG images.
# Default: True
afpRenderOption.allowFullColorRGBImg = true
# Option to allow full color CMYK images.
# Default: True
afpRenderOption.allowFullColorCMYKImg = true
For information about creating a RenderDefaults.cfg file, see Using Information Console.