Downloading files
You can use published BIRT files such as dashboards, reports and data objects in BIRT applications by downloading these files from an iHub server. After downloading the file into your BIRT project, you can edit it using the tools of BIRT Designer Professional. If the file uses a data object, you must also download the data object into the BIRT application and put it in the same location in the BIRT application.
For example, a dashboard gadget displays data from a data design file named Sales.datadesign. This file is located in the iHub’s volume, inside a folder named Resources. In the BIRT application, you make a folder named Resources and copy the Sales.datadesign file into that folder. Now that the gadget and data source files are in the correct locations, you can make dashboards in the BIRT application that use the gadget file.
Resources are downloaded to the root of the BIRT application. You can change this location in the BIRT Designer Professional preferences.
How to download a file from an iHub server
To download a file, such as a dashboard gadget file, to an iHub server, complete the following steps:
1 In Navigator, select the BIRT project that you want to receive the dashboard gadget, as shown in Figure 42‑23.
Figure 42‑23 Selecting a BIRT project to receive a file
2 Choose FileDownload.
3 Select a server profile.
4 Select Download file.
5 In Download Location, type or browse for the location in the BIRT project folder in which to download the file.
6 In the server tree, select the files on the volume to copy to the local download location. Figure 42‑24 shows a dashboard gadget selected for download to the dashboard folder of a local BIRT project.
Figure 42‑24 Selecting a file to download into a BIRT application
7 Choose Download.
How to change the location of downloaded resource files
1 Choose WindowPreferencesActuate BIRTResource.
2 In Resource Folder, type the default location to store resource files. For example, change <Current Project Folder> to <Current Project Folder>/Resources to download all resources in the project to a folder named Resources.
3 Choose OK.