Managing permissions
You can set user permissions based on user roles to manage access to a BIRT application. These permissions are stored in the BIRTApplication.xml file in the BIRT application. The user roles are the BIRT iHub Visualization Platform user groups. Table 42‑2 lists and describes all supported permissions and the task that each permission allows a user to perform.
Table 42‑2 Permission and allowed tasks for a BIRT application
Allowed task
Delete the folder or file.
Run a design, dashboard, or executable file. Only an administrator can set this privilege. The Execute privilege does not apply to folders or document files.
Change privileges for a file or folder. An administrator has Grant privileges on all files and folders by default.
View and print a report. Privilege to view the contents of a folder. Requires the Visible permission.
Secure read
View and print only restricted parts of a document.
See a folder or a file in a list.
Modify a file or the contents of a folder.
For information about how an administrator manages user privileges and permissions on a volume, see Managing Volumes and Users.
Check with your iHub administrator for the user group names used on your iHub server and for the default permissions of the applications folder on the iHub volume. For example, if your iHub administrator has hidden the Application folder where all BIRT applications are stored, you must grant the Read permission to a user group for the BIRT application URL to function.
After a BIRT application is published to an iHub server, you can change the permissions of each file in the BIRT application. Permissions are overwritten each time you publish a BIRT application. For example, after publishing an application to an iHub server, you remove the Read permissions on a BIRT data object so that users cannot download the data object file. Each time that you publish the BIRT application, you must again change the permissions on the iHub server.
How to add permissions to a BIRT application
1 Using Navigator, right-click the BIRTApplication.xml file in the BIRT project that you want to deploy, as shown in Figure 42‑25.
Figure 42‑25 Selecting the BIRT application file
2 Choose FileOpen.
3 In Permissions, choose Add, as shown in Figure 42‑26.
Figure 42‑26 Adding a user group permission to a BIRT application
4 Type the name of a user group. Select the permissions to apply to the user group. In this example, the user group All is given the Read and the Execute permissions, as shown in Figure 42‑27.
Figure 42‑27 Assigning permissions to a user group
Choose OK.
5 To add additional permissions, return to step 3.
6 Choose FileSave. The next time you publish this BIRT application to an iHub server, these permissions become active.