Using global report themes
You select a global report theme to set a theme to all report items in your report design, report library, and report template. When you select a global theme, all report items in the report that do not have a theme assigned use the global theme.
In the Property Editor of your report, you can select a global theme in the General Properties. Figure 5‑8 shows the available global themes in the ThemesReportItems31.rptlibrary that is included by default for new reports.
Figure 5‑8 Selecting the global theme
You can override the global theme by selecting a theme for a report item.
Global themes are stored in report libraries and contain one or more report item themes and styles. For example, each global theme included with new BIRT reports contains a chart, crosstab, and table theme and a report style. Figure 5‑9 shows the contents of the default Modern global theme.
Figure 5‑9 Viewing the contents of the Modern global theme
You can assign a global theme to a report item instead of the entire report. When a global theme is assigned to a report item, the corresponding theme for the report item is used. For example, if you assign the Modern theme to a table in a BIRT report you select the theme named ThemesReportItems31.Table-Modern, as shown in Figure 5‑10.
Figure 5‑10 Assigning a global theme to a report item