About Google gadgets
Google gadgets display dynamic web content using HTML and JavaScript. A Google gadget resides on a web server as an XML file. BIRT iHub uses Apache Shindig to render Google gadgets to HTML code for display in a web browser. After you have the URL location of a Google gadget, use the import gadget to display the Google gadget on a dashboard.
The URL location of the Google gadget file must resolve from BIRT iHub server for the gadget to display content. The following URL locations are examples of Google gadgets that can load into an import gadget to appear on a dashboard:
Google gadgets must follow the Google gadget specifications. These gadgets appear on a dashboard inside HTML iframe tags, and can link to Actuate gadgets to receive data. Figure 35‑1 shows a Google gadget displayed in an import gadget on the dashboard.
Figure 35‑1 Viewing a Google gadget