Java event handlers for a report design
BIRT fires several events that the report design element handles. A Java class to handle these events must implement the IReportEventHandler interface or extend the ReportEventAdapter class. All of the event handler methods receive an IReportContext object. The beforeFactory( ) method also receives an IReportDesign object. Table 38‑6 lists the methods that you can implement for a ReportDesign element in the order in which they run.
Table 38‑6 ReportDesign event handler methods
initialize( IReportContext reportContext )
Called twice, once before the generation phase begins and once before the render phase begins.
beforeFactory( IReportDesign report, IReportContext reportContext )
Called before the generation phase begins.
afterFactory( IReportContext reportContext )
Called after the generation phase ends.
beforeRender( IReportContext reportContext )
Called before the presentation phase begins.
afterRender( IReportContext reportContext )
Called after the presentation phase ends.