ReportDesign.initialize code
The following code in the ReportDesign.initialize method creates a file on your hard drive and adds one line to the file.
importPackage( );
fos = new "c:\\logFile.txt" );
printWriter = new fos );
printWriter.println( "ReportDesign.initialize" );
The preceding code performs the following tasks:
*Imports the Java package,
*Creates a file output stream for the file you want to create
*Creates a PrintWriter object that every script can use to track script execution sequence
How to provide code for the ReportDesign.initialize script
1 Choose the Script tab.
2 In Outline, select the top line, as shown in Figure 37‑10.
Figure 22-2 Selecting the report designFigure 22-2 Selecting the report design
Figure 37‑10 Selecting the report design
3 In Script, select initialize.
4 Type the code into the script editor, as shown in Figure 37‑11.
Figure 22-3 Providing ReportDesign.initialize codeFigure 22-3 Providing ReportDesign.initialize code
Figure 37‑11 Providing ReportDesign.initialize code