Troubleshooting library problems
Sometimes, BIRT cannot apply changes from a modified library to a report design without additional action on the part of a report developer. The following list describes these situations:
*The name of the library changes or the library no longer exists.
*The library no longer contains an element that the report design uses.
*The name of the element in the library changes.
*The name of the element in the library refers to a different type of element from the element in the report design. For example, an image element in the report design derives from CompanyLogo in the library but the library element, CompanyLogo, is a text element.
If BIRT Report Designer opens a report design that has any of these problems, a warning message appears in the layout in place of the affected report element, as shown in Figure 29‑25.
Figure 29‑25 A report item that cannot access a library definition
To repair any of these conditions, you must add the missing library or correct the problem with the library. Alternatively, if you are familiar with XML, you can edit the XML source of the report design. If you choose to edit the XML, you should back up the report design first.